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(as of May 26,2021 17:32:36 UTC – Details)

A bag that can store laptops and can be used by both men and women A bag made of high-grade leather material. In addition to the handle, it also comes with a shoulder belt, making it a 2-way specification that can also be used as a shoulder bag. The size is 27 cm in height, 33 cm in width, and 8 cm in depth. Although it is compact in size, it has a large capacity and can store laptops up to 12 inches in size. The square shape makes it easy to carry documents, and the design and size are suitable for the business scene. It has a simple design with as few unnecessary accessories as possible, so it can be used by men and women of all ages. The bag body is made of high quality genuine leather with a slight luster. The sides, bottom and handles are all finished using the same leather fabric. The lining is made of durable canvas, so it is durable and can be safely stored even in heavy items such as laptop computers. A strong magnetic snap is attached to the outer lid, so you don’t have to worry about opening and closing the bag. When the lid is opened, it has a brass fastener, making it difficult to steal. The more you use the brass fastener, the more the taste will come out. A hidden pocket with a magnet is attached to the outside of the bag body, so it is convenient to store small items such as wallets and smartphones. In addition, there are three open pockets on the inside, so you can easily store small items and quickly put them in and out. There are leather shoulder belts on both sides of the bag body, so you can use it as a shoulder bag depending on the situation. At the top are two leather handles. Thick white linen thread is used for the handle and the base of the bag body to increase durability and at the same time provide a casual accent.
It reduces the burden on the handle and hands that have been carefully selected. A 2-way bag with a shoulder belt and a hand-held handle.
The lining uses canvas. With 3 open pockets on the inside, you can easily see and store small items, and the design is also easy to use in terms of functionality. The outside is equipped with a hidden pocket with a magnet, which is convenient for putting things in and out.


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