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Product Description

Material of Bag

This handbag is made of Top Layer Cowhide leather and polyester lining. ● Top Layer Cowhide leather refer to leathers that haven’t been sanded, buffed, or snuffed to remove natural marks on the surface of the hide. They offer a natural look and feel and are treated by transparent aniline dyes. ● The polyester lining of our bag is endow with the feature to reflect light well. You would never get crazy when looking for tiny essentials in bag.

Basic Information of Purse

The small size is just right for your daily essentials such as cosmetics, tissues, phone, wallet, change, and so on. The full grain leather and delicate design, especially the weave handle, will make it never go out of style. Nothing can be better than to reward yourself with such a great purse.



— 2 Main compartments

— 1 Zipped pocket divider

— 1 Card slot

— 1 Phone slot

— 1 Concealed zipped pocket (beside brand logo)


— 1 Zipped pocket

Material: Top Layer Cowhide leather(Bag and long strap) + Reflective polyester (Lining)

Dimension: 13.4 (L) × 8.3 (H) × 5.5 (W) inches

Neat Weight: 1.92 pounds

Height of strap drop: 21-24 inches (needle buckle)

Details on Bag

● Strong seams and fittings. The quality craft will make this bag work well for a long time.

● Well-designedcompartments help organize your essentials. Nowhere can be more suitable than zipped pockets for tiny stuffs.

● Weave design top handle. Vintage quality is added to this bag from top handle. It can also make handle less slippery when hand is sweating.

Bag Care & Attention

● Please wipe off the water with paper tissue when leather got wet. When leather got stained with coffee, blotting up coffee with paper rather rub, and then mix a mild detergent into warm water and use a soft cloth to gently rub the bag with this mixture.

● Leather ages with time, and sunlight will speed it up. So don’t expose your bag to sunlight for long time.


● Slight chromatic difference may be caused by some other reasons such as different monitor models, background, and etc.

● This bag is made of top quality leather, so there may be a bit leather odor caused by storage and shipping when you get it. It will fade away after airing out for a few days.

Interior Structure—2 Main compartments, 1 zipped pocket divider, 1 phone pouch, 1 card slot and 1 zipped pocket on the wall will keep you stuffs organized.
Exterior Structure—1 Outside zipped pocket holding your keys and change. Everyday collection bag .
Feature—Solid fittings. Silver tone stainless steal hardware. Top grain leather. bringing defined pattern and smooth feeling.Comfortable top handle and adjustable shoulder strap make it less hard to take the bag.
Dimension—13.4 (L) x 8.3 (H) x 5.5 (W) inches. Weight: 1.92 lbs. When hanged up with purse, the top of strap will be 21~24 inches higher than the top of purse body. (You can also drill the hole on strap to adjust the length) .


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