Price: $129.99
(as of Apr 13,2021 02:54:56 UTC – Details)

➤ WINDPROOF —- The windbreaker jacket with the adjustable hood design, the brim of the hat can be adjusted in three dimensions, has a high density of textiles, Adjustable cuff system with elastic thumb hole wind sleeve, which can prevent the cold wind entering inside.
➤ ANTI-SCRATCH&WEAR RESISTANT —- The Ski jacket and pant are made of the polymer blending material. The strong textile fiber fabric shell, which can reduce the risk of accidental injury, avoids being scratched by rocks and branches and at the same time protects your body.
➤THINSULATE MATERIAL: A new type of thermal insulation material invented by 3M in the United States. It is made of fine fibers that are only 1/25 of human hair. It is a thin thermal insulation material on the market with good thermal insulation properties. Under the same thickness, Thinsulate’s Warmth retention is 1.5 times that of down jackets. It can still keep warm in rain and snow, and is lighter and warmer than other ski jackets.
➤ MULTI POCKETS —- Chest pocket, hand pocket, left-sleeve ID pocket, and inner pocket all use YKK waterproof zipper.Suitable for downhill Skiing, snowboarding, snow sports, camping, leisure travelling, outskirt riding, casual travelling, hiking and many other winter outdoor sports.
➤SIZE NOTE—-The clothes are small enough to buy a size